Brooklake Tennis Junior Tennis Program

Turning potential into performance


Brandon, a team player, headed for the Davis Cup

Brooklake Tennis is home to the area’s foremost junior tennis program. Our highly renowned staff of teaching professionals offers both private instruction and group clinics for all ages and all ability levels. This means whether your child is a total beginner or aspires to become a professional tennis player, we have a program for them.

Call (973) 377-2235, Ext. 137 to sign up.


We introduce your child to the fundamentals of the game such as proper footwork and the mechanics of stroke production, teach them how to keep score, and incorporate specific drills to improve their hand-eye coordination.


We polish existing strokes to make them more consistent, enlighten students on the importance of shot selection, develop aggressive shots, present basic strategy, work on conditioning and play matches.
PLUS: Our pros build a complete game around the framework of the student’s existing one.


This is our intensive training program geared for high school, ETA and nationally ranked players. The program is designed to cover high-level skills such as:

  • Serving with power, placement and spin
  • Refining strokes to microscopic detail through videotape analysis
  • Specialized drill progressions for movement, conditioning and footwork
  • Taking advantage of weaknesses and strengths in your opponent’s game
  • Adding and developing major weapons to your arsenal of shots
  • Learning how to think on the court
  • Recognizing how and when you can win points with your head
  • Understanding when to change strategies
  • Playing matches under extreme pressure
Call (973) 377-2235, Ext. 137 to sign up.

Age 10 & Under
!0 & Under tennis
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