Brooklake Tennis Men’s Clinics


men's tennisfor the player in you …

Brooklake Tennis offers a wide variety of men’s clinics.

Each session runs an hour and a half

Call (973) 377-2235, Ext. 137 to reserve your spot.

Regardless of your level of play โ€” beginner, intermediate, or advanced โ€” we have a clinic for you.

Our clinics are comprehensive and cover all the essential elements of doubles play such as:

  • The mechanics of stroke production
  • Which grip to use and why
  • Appropriate shot selection
  • Correct court positioning
  • Various strategies that can change the course of a match
  • Proper footwork alignment
  • How to anticipate your opponentโ€™s shots
  • How to hit and create angles
  • First-rate poaching techniques
  • Ingredients to holding serve
  • The best way to communicate with your partner
  • How to handle bad line calls
  • How to focus
  • Absolute concentration
  • What side to play
  • Hitting down the middle
  • Match play experience

PLUS: We incorporate selective drills geared to target and improve specific areas of your game.

Call (973) 377-2235, Ext. 137 to reserve your spot โ€” before your opponents do!